New Session starts from the month of April, Admission Procedure starts from January.

School Prospectus is to be obtained by the parents from the school to acquaint themselves to the procedure of admission, At the time of admission students must have to produce T.C. from the last school attended/Birth Certificate in original, Later to be verified Admisson form is to be carefully filled and signed by the parents, once admitted the candidate is to be subjected to all the rules and regulation of the school

1. The minimum age for admission to pre-nursery class is 2.5 years to 3 Years as on first April of the session and so on as given below

NUR 3.5 5
KG 4.5 6
1st 5.5 7
2nd 6.5 8
3rd 7.5 9
4th 8.5 10
5th 9.5 11
6th 10.5 12
7th 11.5 13
8th 12.5 14
9th 13.5 15
10th 14.5 16
11th 15.5 17
12th 16.5 18

2. Registration is Necessary before any parents /Guardian decides for the admission of his/her ward and should acquaint themselves well about the procedure of admission through the prospectus to be obtained from the school on payment.

3. The admission form available from the office to be filled very carefully after passing the test/interview

4. no admission will be considered until all requirements are fully completed

5. The principal does not bind himself/herself to furnish any reason for rejecting any application of admission form.

6. Each Pupil at the time of admission must produce TC in original from the last recognized school attended duly counter signed by the competent authority , Birth certificate in original.

7. The School management is not liable for any loss of property,damage on account of injuries, fatal or otherwise which may be sustained by the student at any time during his/her stay in the school, in the way , in any vehicle or while taking parts in sports, and exra curricular activities of the school within or outside the school premises, The parents will sign an agreement which will be in the admission form.

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