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Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi Upto Senior Secondary School.

Children’s Modern Academy has been founded by late sh.Hans Ram Naithani, Warrior of 2nd Great World War.

The school was started in july 1985, it was registered and recognized by UP Govt School gradually upgraded from primary to junior high school under UP Govt After the sanction of N.O.C. by UP govt, the school got affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi, Upto Secondary level i.e.IX &X in the year 2000. The first batch for X board Exam was of 2002, In the year 2003 school got upgraded by C.B.S.E Board,Upto senior secondary level i.e.XI and XII, The first batch for XII board Exam was of 2005,The school has adopted the syllabus of N.C.E.R.T Recommended by C.B.S.E which helps the student not only in their board but in competitive Exams also.

The management reserves the right to change, amend or remove and part of the prospectus without assigning any reason

Today this school is counted among the best public school of the area. The school has well trained, Qualified and experienced academicians in its faculty and provides physical, spiritual and social education besides the bookish knowledge.

Teachers name Fathers/spouse name D.O.B Qualification Designation
1: Mrs Rita Naithani

Mr.R.K Naithani

21/08/1967 M A.BSC,BED Principal
2: Mrs.Kiran Jugran

Mr.S C Jugran

01/01/1963 MA.BED Vice -principal
3: Ms Bimla Pharswan

Mr.J.S Pharswan

03/03/1960 MA.BED PGT
4: Mr.Ravi Bahuguna

Mr.K.L Bahuguna

04/07/1980 MSC.BED PGT
5: Mrs.Padma Rana


06/05/1971 MA BED PGT
6: Ms.Harsh Khattri

Mr.S.P Khattri

06/06/1981 MA.BED PGT
7: Mrs Kavita Kukreti


06/08/1967 MA BED TGT
8: Mrs,karunaSundriyal

Mr.Dinesh Chamola

15/12/1983 MA BED TGT
9: MS.Dimple Tonk

Mr.Nirmal Singh

24/09/1980 MA BED TGT
10: Mrs.Seema Verma


01/06/1986 MSC.BED PGT
11: Mrs.Nirmala Negi

Mr. K.S  Negi

05/12/1981 BSC BED TGT
12: Mr. Rahul Walia

Mr.Arun Walia

17/10/1992 MSC BED PGT
13: Mr. Mohit Uniyal

Mr.J P Uniyal

08/09/1986 MSC BED TGT
14:  Ms.Nistha

Mr. Suresh Chandra

27/12/1993 BSC .MSC TGT
15: Mr.Ajay Kukreti

MR.S.P Kukreti

09/07/1973 MA.BED PGT
16: Mrs.Babli kuniyal

Mr.Prabhakar Kuniyal

31/07/1982 MCOM.BED PGT
17: Ms.Monika Rawat


26/10/1984 MA BED TGT
18: Ms. Mamta

Mr.N.K Sharma

01/05/1987 MA BED TGT
19: Ms.Mamkesh

Mr.Umed Singh

10/08/1992 BSC BED TGT
20: Ms.Rajni

MR.D.C Dhyani

30/06/1982 MA BED TGT
21: Ms.Renu Pokhriyal

Mr.S.D Badooni

13/01/1977 MA BED TGT
22: Ms Neeti Chaudhary

Mr.Rajbir singh

10/03/1982 MA PRT
23: Ms.PriyankaGautam

Mr.Rajkumar Gautam

08/02/1993 B.A PRT
24: Ms Vijaya Laxmi

Mr.K.C Nainwal

19/02/1987 M.Com.BED PGT
25: Mr.K.B Arya


01/07/1985 M.Sc.BPED PTI
26: Mr .C.K Naithani

Late Sh.H.R.Naithani

15/08/1972 M Com Accounts Officer
27: MS Poonam Negi

W/O Mr.Sarvesh Negi

04/07/1980 B.A B.LIB &INF SC librarian
28: MR. SCS Negi

S/O Late Sh.S.S.Negi

16/05/1971 BSC.MA.BED Office Assistant
29: MR. K.S Negi

S/o Late Sh M.S Negi

16/03/1980 B.A Office Assistant

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